Here at Muirhead Dental we employ the services of Martin Page, who is one of the few Qualified General Dental Council Registered Clinical Denture Technicians in Yorkshire and a recognised expert in his field.

Dentures - Complete denture services

Clinical Denture Technicians, or CDT's are trained specifically to provide dentures and only dentures!

Alongside denture construction they have also been trained to spot any abnormality which may be present in the oral environment be it an infection or something more serious. Our CDT Martin is able to offer a multitude of denture services based upon the patients' requirements and desires:

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are needed when a patient has lost all their remaining teeth, this might be due to tooth decay, injury or gum disease.

It is important both physically and mentally to have a well made comfortable and aesthetically pleasing substitute for a lost natural dentition. Quality of life can be greatly enhanced by replacing old worn out dentures with new well fitting ones. As a person ages their gums shrink meaning that previously good fitting dentures now don’t fit. This can lead to breakages, sore spots and embarrassment.

Partial dentures

Partial Dentures come in many forms, they can be ridged plastic, metal and plastic, and even flexible, but they are all designed to perform one major task, to fill the gaps created by lost teeth.

Implant retained dentures

Over the last two decades the use of dental implants has become a very popular choice when replacing missing natural teeth. It can be a very successful way of anchoring dentures.

Most people find the denture which gives them the greatest trouble when eating and talking is the lower, by fitting just two implants a great deal of improvement can be achieved. The upper denture is normally held in place by suction and if it is a good fit should be quite stable, however this also could be improved dramatically by fitting implants.

Denture copies, repairs and relines

Sometimes for a variety of reasons dentures can become damaged of simply reach the end of their natural life. Muirhead Dental are able to offer you help whatever the age of your dentures.

Denture hygiene, polish and clean

As a denture ages it loses its original lustre, this in turn leads to the accumulation of debris around the hard to clean areas. This can ruin the aesthetics of the denture it can also be the cause of bad breath, however the greatest concern caused by poorly maintained dentures is the fact they can lead to mouth infections and sore areas in the mouth.

It is important to keep your dentures clean, We need to inspect them from time to time and clean/re-polish them as and when they need it, your mouth and your dentures will benefit and they will last much longer.

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