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"You know," said Rob Muirhead, "you're one of our best patients."

OK, I thought, Was this because of:

a) my sparkling personality? (dream on!)

b) the size of my wallet (I wish!)

No. It turned out that the reason why I was so popular was because I needed a lot of work doing to sort our the poor state of my teeth and that there was real satisfaction for Rob and all his colleagues in doing this successfully.

And my view? Thinking about it, I guess there were two things that really impressed me. First, every stage of the work I needed was carefully explained with all the options considered. There was never any pressure to follow any particular course of treatment or to spend any money I was not prepared to spend. Second, every aspect of my treatment seemed to be at the highest level of care and professionalism - be that regular maintenance from the hygienist to the intricacies of a dental implant.

So, now I've got the smile, all I need to do now is work on my personality. Some hope!


I became a patient at the practice 3 years ago with some significant dental problems which have all been brilliantly addressed. These include multiple extractions, Cerec crowns, 3 titanium implants and a lower denture. The minute that you enter the practice you are greeted by friendly, professional staff at reception. The waiting room is comfortable with daily newspapers and periodicals.

As for the dental team I cannot praise them highly enough. My thanks to Rob, Jan and Martin for all their hard work and skill but especial thanks to Abs and Natalie for a brilliant “journey” through the implant surgery.

The professionalism and care offered by the whole staff team is exemplary - I am really grateful.


Gaps between front teeth followed by bridge work that never looked quite right made me conscious of my smile from an early age. It wasn’t until I needed root canal treatment and a crown that I began to research the possibility of cosmetic treatment to improve my look and confidence.

This is where Rob and his team came in. One crown and 5 veneers later, I couldn’t be happier with the result. After an initial consultation with Rob, I was informed, for my new smile to be a success, I required preliminary dental work. Rob also wanted to explore a number of cosmetic options before going ahead. All this was very reassuring that the work done would give the best possible outcome.

The team are professional, friendly and welcoming and I always felt in safe hands during procedures. I would recommend anyone to go along for an initial free consultation and see for themselves what is possible. I am so pleased that I did.


I have a naturally big wide smile and it’s in constant use.

Throughout my adulthood this has been a source of embarrassment as every time I opened my mouth old fillings, stained teeth and mismatched crowns were constantly on display.

I tried hard to keep my mouth shut or cover my smile with my hand so it was less obvious.

I was due to have crown work at the front of my mouth and Rob suggested teeth whitening.

I’d absolutely never considered it and to be honest thought it was rather vain.

Then a close girlfriend took a photo of me and photo shopped my teeth white without telling me. I thought that was my own natural smile until the reality dawned. I made her send the undoctored photo with my actual stained smile and was shocked at the difference.

So I quickly booked the appointment with Rob. Several hours of treatment to whiten my existing teeth, replace old crowns and make new crowns all in the same shade.

I can honestly say I haven’t looked back. The cost was a princely sum but it has been truly worth every penny.

I continue to smile all the time. That’s one thing I can’t change but now have utter confidence and joy knowing I have nothing to be ashamed of and I regularly get compliments too.

Rob literally put the smile back on my face.


I must admit at first I was a bit sceptical about having my teeth built up. I had been having headaches on a regular basis, my neck was painful and this pain would go into my jaw. I had thought there could be nothing done about it, but having a consultation at your practice it made the problem seem treatable.

The process of having my teeth built up was no more than having fillings but the effects have been long lasting- I no longer have the neck/jaw pain and headaches. Something so simple has made a big difference.



As a fellow dentist, it is always interesting/daunting being on the receiving end of treatment. My experience with Rob and his team was exceptional and made me proud to be part of the profession.

It was a privilege to experience Rob’s expertise with his state of the art cerec system. From delivery of local anaesthetic to the same appointment fitting of the cerec inlays, the treatment was seamless and conducted with the utmost skill and professionalism.

The entire team is clearly invested in delivering the highest standard of care and ensuring a very positive patient experience.

I would highly recommend Rob’s practice and can’t thank the team enough for the care I received.