All members of staff are registered with the General Dental Council and adhere to their guidelines and continuing professional development recommendations. This practice is also registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission for the following activities.

Diagnostic and screening procedures

For the whole population, we aim to see each patient at a personal and mutually agreed recall interval and perform a full examination of both the hard and soft tissues and supporting structures of the oral cavity using diagnostic aids such as x-rays as and when appropriate.  Where any abnormalities are detected then further investigations such as biopsies and actions such as referral will be actioned.

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

For the whole population, following diagnosis and screening, patients are given an explanation of any items requiring attention, all appropriate treatment options and associated costs (where applicable) and the pros and cons of each option is explained.  The kinds of services that we provide are consultations, x-rays, treatment of periodontal disease, routine restorative work such as fillings, inlays and onlays, endodontics, implants,  prosthesis, Invisalign orthodontics and some cosmetic work.  If necessary, referral to specialist dental practitioners may be advised where treatment required is more complex and also some more difficult instances involving endodontic and periodontal care.  In the case of injury, temporary treatment may be provided to stabilise the mouth.  Patients will be kept fully informed of proposed interventions at each point, receive itemised estimates of likely costs and consent will be sought at each stage.  At all times we aim to provide a service based on prevention and develop a personal regime for each patient within this overarching framework.

Surgical procedures

For the whole population, if a patient requires a surgical procedure at the practice, and we believe that this is within our skill set (such as routine or more straightforward surgical extractions and apicectomies) then we will explain the procedure to the patient together with any associated risks and , if the patient wishes to proceed, obtain appropriate valid consent.  Once completed, we will monitor the progress of the patient in accordance with the relevant clinical protocols to ensure that recovery is both full and uneventful.

For more advanced surgical procedures, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, we refer to appropriately qualified consultants and specialists either in hospitals or a practice environment.

We aim to meet the routine and general dental care needs of our patients and try to achieve high levels of oral health through adopting a preventive approach.  If the users of our services require or request to have a treatment or procedure that we are either unable or unwilling to provide, then we will either arrange for a referral or inform them accordingly.

For completeness, we also have some core practice aims and values that we publicly promote to patients and these are as follows:

As a practice we will:

  • Wherever possible, see patients on time and give an apology and an explanation if we run late by more than ten minutes.
  • Use good quality modern materials and techniques
  • Support continuing staff training and development
  • Spend sufficient time with patients
  • Charge fair and reasonable prices and offer a choice of payment methods
  • Promote a culture of good and open communication with patients so they can help shape our service provision

Patients can help us achieve these aims by:

  • Attending or appointments on time and giving adequate notification of cancellation
  • Understanding the need for change to sustain a good quality service
  • Attending the practice regularly and listening to the professional advice given
  • Joining the practice membership plan, if they wish, and paying fees promptly
  • Providing feedback on all aspects of the service in a friendly and courteous manner

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service in any way, then please ask to speak to Lisa Baxter.

This practice is registered with the Care Quality Commission for the provision of general dental care.

Registered Service Provider: Mr Robert Muirhead
Registered Manager: Lisa Baxter
Registered Address for Service Provision: 204 Bradford Road, Shipley, BD18 3AP
Telephone: 01274 581550